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We specialise in building your custom brand. At Go Green World we offer tailored customised personal service to achieve your brand promotion. We will help you with deciding best suitable product with minimum order quantity for building your custom brand. Grow with your custom brand. The best way to transform your business to the next level is to have your own custom designed and branded disposable serving products. Your everyday café, restaurant or takeaway food packaging can be customised. Custom branding on your food and drink serving products will make you proud of your brand and it will create awareness within your local community. We have experienced tremendous traffic increase with our existing customers when they have built custom designed products.

Food and Drink Packaging is not only about serving and meeting the need of takeaway but it’s about your business and the pride of your offerings. Your custom designed products will improve your brand visibility, increase market share and offer great customer satisfaction. Look around some of the famous brand in the food industry, they are known through their custom packaging and through their brand they win the hearts and minds of their customer. Custom branding will also put you ahead of your competitor and will give you repetitive customers.

We specialise in offering custom design/brand products;

-         Biodegradable Coffee Cups

-         Coffee Cup Sleeves

-         Napkin (white or natural colour)

-         Takeaway Bags (SOS Bags)

-         Sandwich Bags

-         Greaseproof Paper

-         Sandwich wraps

-         Retail takeaway boxes

-         Beta Boards

-         Beta Trays

-         Ice Cream Cups

-         Soup Cups

-         Noodle Boxes

-         Corrugated Boxes

-         Embossed Corn starch (biodegradable) spoon and other takeaway boxes/plates


MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) may be required for some products

Storage options available if required – charges apply