About Us:


An online retailer & wholesaler founded in 2012 committed to offer eco-friendly, organic, trendy and sustainable products and services.


We are socially, economically and environmentally responsible business. Our business model is based on the concept of sustainable development.


Our Vision:


“Our vision is to preserve natural resources, find alternatives and to support those who are in real need.”


Our Objectives:

 - Promote eco-friendly, organic, trendy and sustainable products

 - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Avoid plastic & petroleum based products

 - Business Model is based on the principle of Sustainable Development

 - Support more environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle

 - Create affiliation with NGOs, Village communities and other such institutions that will help poor families to look to a better future and empower women at risk

We believe that the world needs to change from its current unsustainable practices and the only way we can move forward is by adapting to more sustainable form of life. The nature has all the answer for us if we are willing to search.

The report in 1972 “Limits to Growth” and in 1987 “Our Common Future” highlighted the need for the change but we haven’t realised to date and continued on the capitalism, consumerism and globalisation. We are in a situation today where there is no return and the future looks dark unless we (I and you) act together. The United Nation initiated report “Our Common Future” defined Sustainable Development as;

“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”

At "Go Green World" we believe that we have responsibility to our future generations to provide them with a sustainable world. We would like to be the driver of change and have taken the first step in bringing sustainable and innovative products, ideas and knowledge to your door step. We welcome your views, ideas and support. Please visit our facebook  facebook LinkedIn linked and Twitter twitter to share your thoughts with us or even just to say how you feel about the environmental health, climate change, depletion of natural resources or any other matter; please email us at info@gogreenworld.com.au


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Our Products:

Our products are selected through rigorous assessment. We bring the best innovative ideas, products and services that are sustainable. We invite you to be part of it and experience the difference. We select our product with intensive care and ensure that they are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We will continue to search innovative ideas around the world and promise to bring it to your doors which will not only be environmentally friendly but ground-breaking, state of the art, trendy, sustainable, organic and above all competitive in our conventional market. We believe that nature has the capacity to satisfy human’s needs and we are there to prove it.


Providing your support will help us to make difference. Your support will encourage us to invest more for socially responsible business.


Customer Family:


We would like to build long term relationship with our customers and therefore we are committed at providing best possible service. We want you to be part of our family and not customers. When you purchase products from our business, please let us know how you feel and send us your feedback on our products and support us to source more sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Sustainable Business Practices:

In today’s world post GFC (global financial crisis) there has been deep uncertainty in the market and businesses (small, medium and large) are in a difficult situations not knowing what is ahead. There are dark clouds everywhere and in those dark clouds we see the opportunity to become sustainable business by following certain practices that we define as “Sustainable Business Practices”. If you are running a business regardless of small, medium or large and not sure what is all about Business Sustainability and how it can make your business turn to profit instead of continuous loss or high running costs then wait no further please contact us on info@gogreenworld.com.au and we will take you through step by step process of how to change your business from “Business As Usual” to “Sustainable Business” which provides you with long term return. We do not only provide you with tools but also equip you with knowledge and other requirements to run your business in similar fashion in future. This service is completely FREE.


Go Green World Team!