PLA Lined (Polylactic Acid) Coffee Cups & Clear PLA (Bioplastic) Takeaway Containers

Polylactic Acid material is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. However other plastics that are widely available in the market are made from petroleum reserves and are not renewable.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is compostable at the commercial composting facility.

Majority of our BIO Coffee Cup range are made from Paper that is sourced from renewable source or sustainably sourced paper along with PLA lining allowing the product to compost in the commercial composting facilities.

Our coffee cups with PLA lined are made from;

  • Paper (majority of the paper are sustainably sourced)
  • Paper cups are coated with PLA (bioplastic derived from renewable plant based oil) lining to ensure water and leak proof
  • Bioplastics have a 6-month shelf life from purchase and must be stored away from direct sun and below 35°C. 
  • Clear takeaway containers are made from Ingeo™, a plant based bioplastic.

Paper and PLA Lining material are compostable at the local commercial composting facility

Bioplastic products are designed to return to the soil through composting. If thrown into the bin they will end up in a landfill. Bioplastic does not biodegrade in landfill conditions. However, it is still environmentally better than plastic, as the CO2 absorbed during the growth phase of the plant is stored and locked up in the material.